Why I Stopped Drinking Soda

coca-cola-462776_960_720Sitting at a desk job all day, I found myself craving soda’s constantly. I began to notice I only drank soda when I was bored. Coke preferably. Being at my desk, my cravings were ravenous. I went from never drinking carbonated drinks to needing one every day. Then I started to eat a ton of candy. All bad habits that I managed to wean myself off years before.  I knew there were side effects that came with drinking sodas daily but I couldn’t break my habit. I tried to wean myself off by drinking cream filled coffee. It was something about liquid sugar that kept me going. I was creating negative habits for myself and I had to break the cycle. Stopping wasn’t enough. Like any old boyfriend, to get over it, I had to understand the damage that it was doing to me. Then I had to decide if the damage was worth it. And it wasn’t.

While everyone’s results may vary, here are my reasons for quitting sodas:

Dry Skin    


Drinking too many caffeinated drinks makes you dehydrated. Soda provides zero nutritional value. When you are dehydrated, water is not being distributed to your organs properly. Liquid sugar is not a substitute. It gets into your bloodstream and raises your blood sugar.

Weight Gain  


Soda is loaded with sugar and calories. These calories add up over time. The amount of sugar inside of a soda far exceeds the regular consumption that we get from fruit. We’re ingesting that in one sitting. When we drink the liquid sugar, it gets into our bloodstream fairly quickly. Our pancreas secretes insulin to break down this blood sugar to go into our cells to be utilized for energy. Once those cells are complete, the glucose is then transported into fat cells. The fat cells continue to multiply and of course, the more fat cells you have, the more weight you will gain. Too much sugar in the bloodstream is severely dangerous. If the pancreas begins to work too hard to produce insulin, you become insulin resistant and wind up having to take insulin injections otherwise, known as Type II Diabetes.

Weak enamel


If you can pour a coke on a car battery to alleviate erosion, imagine what it does to your teeth. Soda is acidic and over time weakens the enamel and can cause tooth decay. It also weakens your bones. Your body has to release calcium to neutralize the acid in the drink i.e soda drinkers have a tendency to have lower bone density.

Brittle hair


As stated previously, soda is acidic. A diet that is high in acidity lacks the proteins and nutrients necessary to sustain healthy hair. Soda has no nutritional value and companies do not pretend as if they do. They genuinely will put the zeros on the back of the label because they know they have nothing to offer except a sugar high.

Lack of energy


Drinking too much caffeine can overstimulate the nervous system causing your body to crash. The high you get is temporary which is why most people who rely on energy drinks to boost their energy can’t do it with just one drink. I had more energy with fasting and drinking water than I ever had drinking and eating sugar.

Cloudy Mind


Research from Boston University suggests sugary drinks might damage the brain and ages the brain more quickly. While some may feel they are able to focus and become more awake, I, on the other hand, had trouble remembering simple things over a long stretch of soda intake. I was constantly awake due to a history of poor sleeping habits and honestly, I was super wired. We know that soda messes with the nervous system and hormones related to sleep. The less sleep you have, the more dependent you become on sugar and caffeine because your brain needs the glucose to function.

Sugar Dependency


Coke was initially manufactured with cocaine but once it was taken out in the early 1900’s the artificial flavoring and high fructose corn syrup became the drug of choice. Drinking soda releases dopamine equal if not more to that of taking some drugs.I was becoming addicted to soda because of the caffeine. I noticed I drank it only at work when I was bored and struggling to stay alive. It then became my feel-good drug to get me through my day. Caffeine and sugar are addictive so it’s no surprise that a soda habit is hard to break. Once I began drinking soda again, I began indulging in snack bars from the vending machine. Then it became a daily thing and started to affect my cravings on the weekend.

Bad Mood


I was extremely irritable coupled with my lack of energy. Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system and not having enough of it can alter your mood greatly. This goes back to the dependency of it.

We all know that soda is not good for us. It takes willpower to quit something that you enjoy consuming. It amazes me how many unnatural and unpronounceable words are in so many juices and beverages. Substituting one bad alternative for a slightly less bad one is not a good idea. If you are unsure of what to drink, just drink water.

Read my 16-day process for releasing soda.



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