How I Quit Drinking Soda

beverages-3105631__340To release my soda addiction I had to start with the root. I had to understand when and why I was drinking it to begin with. It was never a huge thing in my household growing up. I even went years where I would have maybe one or 2 but I never had an addiction. To be drinking it every day was going overboard. What I learned was that I started drinking soda’s because they were much cheaper than buying Frappuccino’s which I thoroughly enjoyed. So I was saving money which was good but why was I drinking them in excess?

I only drank soda during the weekday, never on the weekend. During the weekday, I was working. Whenever I got stressed or felt overworked, I reached for sugar. Whenever I got bored, I reached for sugar. As an excuse to get up from my desk, I reached for sugar. That started with trips to the snack machine and eventually the soda machine. I use sugar as a way to cope with stress. I relied on it. My goal was to not quit soda all together, it was more to become less co-dependent on it. To not reach for it when I saw it.

I always try a 16-day trial by quitting cold turkey. Here are my results:

Days 1 – 4


These were the worst. My cravings were ravenous. I had strong headaches. I really felt like I was having reactions to the lack of soda. I was sick and I was always in a bad mood. I felt like I was punishing myself which is really sad.

Days 5 – 8


I started to get a handle on my cravings. I also noticed when I wasn’t drinking soda, I was less likely to eat chocolate or any type of candy.

Days 9 – 12


I began replacing my soda with coffee so I decided I needed to get more sleep. Once I began sleeping more, I had more energy and I wasn’t running on ‘E’ anymore. I noticed with more sleep, I didn’t need coffee. In fact, the coffee that I drank at 10 a.m. made it harder for me to sleep at 10 pm. I decided to get rid of coffee.

Days 13 – 16


These days sucked. I slept more, but I was no longer drinking soda or coffee or eating sugar. I had to rely on water to get me through my stressful work day. I realized how addicted I was to sugar. I relied on it to help me cope with work. I realized I had a real problem and I should channel my energy through a more constructive outlet. I also noticed there was more inflammation this week. I was shocked because I was doing everything right but I chalked it up to my body getting rid of toxicity. At the end of these 4 days, I was 6 lbs lighter.

Once I passed the 16th day, I no longer thought of not drinking soda as a challenge. It was a way of life. I noticed a great difference in myself. After not drinking soda for those 2 weeks my skin got clearer and my teeth got whiter. My skin was smoother. Even my hair was an inch longer (that may not be due to the lack of soda but I’m claiming it).

For more benefits of quitting soda, visit the link below:


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